My name is William but I prefer to be called Liam. Since I was very little I have had bad Asthma and had to take a lot of Cortisone, this made me very fat. For a lot of years I was bullied at school, I changed schools several times and in High School it got so bad that teachers had to escort me between classes, in the end I had to leave High

School and finish my schooling at TAFE (College). I felt so bad about myself and was very depressed as I weighed over 300lbs. After seeing my Mum lose weight with Skinny Fiber I kept asking her if I could try it, she finally agreed. I have so far lost over 60lbs and am feeling much more confident. I have gone from a 4XL shirt to an L and from 46" waist to 38".

Hey my name is Zach.
I have always dreamed of playing in the NFL but during my 8th grade year I was pretty overweight. I went to the Dr for my football physical and she was yelling at my mom and me that I was obese. She then did some blood tests. My triglycerides were

over 400 and when my mom and I went in for a follow up appointment the Dr was trying to really scare us and told us that if I continued on this path I would have a heart attack at 18 years old on the football field. She even sent me to the heart dr.

Well it worked cause it really scared us.

My mom found this company Skinny Body Care with this natural product Skinny Fiber. She kept getting all these awesome testimonials so we decided to give it a try. I lost about 25 pounds and when I went back into the dr for my 9th grade football physical, ALL my blood work came back normal.. Even my mean doctor was shocked.

I'm glad my mom found this company. Now I can chase down the quarterback (and sack him) on the football field without losing my breath.

For me being the youngest in my class but being the biggest and tallest is not fun. I have always felt out of place so I asked my mom about using Skinny Fiber one day and it was the best day of my life!!! Since I have been taking it I am able to fully participate in gym class without getting winded. I am not using my inhaler as much

now and I have managed to lose 15lbs and quite a few inches overall. I like myself a lot more and I am not afraid to make new friends!! Thank you Skinny Fiber for the confidence you have given me!!!

Several surgeries to correct spine and hips. She has been unable to exercise because of pain and her activity has been limited because of her pain after all of her surgeries. She was just at her orthopedic surgeon a week prior to beginning Skinny Fiber. Doctor commended her on losing nearly 20 pounds in 2 years by eating healthier,

but also advised her she still needed lose weight, as they are considering ANOTHER spinal surgery to correct genetic scoliosis.

10 days on Skinny Fiber:

More energy
Less pain in back, hips and knees
Lost 10 lbs total (235-225)
lost 7 inches total from tummy, thighs and neck

(The screw on the chain around her neck in the picture on the right came out of her back during her second surgery. Her weight had caused that screw to back out after 1 year post-op, the doctors had to go back in and replace with a larger, thicker screw)

I am 13 years old. In the third grade, my mom told me that I had to take a different bus to go over to a friend's house. I knew two other girls on the bus. One of the girls was saying stuff like did you feel that earthquake when I sat down. While we were riding, she made other comments. When she got off the buss she said here is the girl

I was talking about. Then everyone starting laughing. I started gaining more weight when we moved to California. I was upset that I wouldn't see my friends and other family members as often. So I thought that eating would make everything better but instead it made me feel worse. I realized that the only way to make myself happy was to lose weight and when they see me they will see what I did and they would be really happy for me.